Always wanted to start Pilates but struggle with time?

Are you a woman over 40 who knows that you need to do something to keep your body strong?

Does your work involve frequent travel preventing you from committing to regular classes?

Have you been advised to do Pilates for health reasons, but the thought of a group class makes you feel uncomfortable?

The 90-day beginners Pilates programme is for you if…

  • You’ve never done Pilates before
  • You can’t find a regular beginner’s class at a time to suit you
  • You like the idea of learning Pilates in the comfort in your own home
protect your body with pilates

“”I was drawn to an online class because I could do this at home, and wanted something short, but effective to weave into my daily routine. And I found it. It’s easy to follow, and I felt able to perfect the technique to my level, whilst knowing there was room for further progression as my ability improve”

Sue who has finished the 90-day beginners programme.

Beginners Pilates 90 day Programme - Studio 44 Pilates

Learning Pilates will help:

  • to strengthen your core
  • protect and strengthen your back
  • keep you mobile and flexible as you grow older
  • reduce your risk of recurring injuries

How it works:

  • each week you will receive a new 10-minute Beginners Pilates video to do building on the weeks before.
  • Weekly Zoom Live calls to go through any issues from the videos
  • Dedicated Facebook group to ask questions daily and connect with others on the Programme.
  • Facebook Lives

About the programme

I’m Louise and I’ve been teaching Pilates in my local area for 20 years.

As a busy mum and business owner I know how hard it is to find the right class for you.

Learning at home is becoming more popular as we have more demands on our time.

By doing the 90-day Pilates programme you won’t be left on your own, wondering if you are doing it right or losing the motivation to finish the course.

Throughout the programme we will go through a large variety of the original 34 Pilates moves and build on them each week.

By the end of the course you will have learnt the Pilates technique and started to feel the benefits of regular Pilates practice.

By joining the programme, you know you will be learning in the comfort of your own home but still with regular contact with me.

The beginners Pilates 90-day programme starts on
Monday March 16th 2020

What people say:

Rachel who has just finished the 90 Day Beginners Programme

“The videos are clearly explained and easy to follow and I loved having the group calls with Louise where she checked I was doing the positions right.

Louise is a fantastic instructor, patient, friendly and fun and really goes above and beyond to make sure you get the best from the programme”


The 90-day programme is £97 and you get to keep the videos

You don’t need a PayPal account to join the membership, this is just the means of collecting your monthly membership, you can use a credit or debit card to set up your membership.

All you need is a mat and your phone / iPad / laptop / smart TV so you can watch the videos. We do use some small equipment like bands, mini balls and weighted balls. If you want to purchase these, they aren’t expensive and guidance can be given on where to purchase them from, but they aren’t essential. All of the videos can be done without them.