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Milly’s Guide

6 reasons why Pilates is good for your mental health Have you ever tried pilates? We all know that exercise is good for you for many, many reasons. As well as walking I find that doing some pilates is really good for my mental health. Developer Joseph Pilates believed that physical and mental health were extrinsically linked.…

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In the Media and Reviews - Studio 44 Pilates

Elise Rose

Elise Rose food, travel, lifestyle Monday, 18 December 2017  MY NEW OBSESSION: 10 MINUTE PILATES Hey guys! So this month has been a total whirlwind, I am travelling home for Christmas on Tuesday (ahh!) and this month has been full of present buying, tree decorating, crazy work and fun with friends before Christmas. Around this…

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In the Media and Reviews - Studio 44 Pilates

Pickle & Poppet

Pilates for Ten Minutes a Day 20th February 2018 I am a bit of a nightmare when it comes to exercising. In the past I have joined gyms and not gone, signed up for exercise classes but not stuck to it. Always an excuse, I don’t have time, I have too much to do, maybe…

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I’m loving the 10 minutes Pilates as it is so easy to find just 10 minutes at the beginning of the day before breakfast. It’s doing me a world of good too, I feel more subtle, energised and good about myself. I found it hard to find an hour in my week to fit Pilates in before so this way it’s really helping. I like the fact that you keep up the pace and there is no hanging around too.

Sarah – Winchester

The videos are great, and plenty to choose from so I can decide what suits. Am making a habit of doing one before every round of golf.

I am amazed at what a difference only 10 minutes 3-5 times a week is making. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. It is like being in class at anytime I want.
It is a great way to keep going, thank you.

Jenny – Great Bowden

I am loving the Online 10 minute Pilates videos.
I like the way they focus on exercises for particular things, I have done the ‘after gardening’ and one several times.
The videos themselves are well made and clear – I feel as if I am in the room with you Louise which definitely means I make more effort than I would do on my own!
I had initially signed up for the summer to try them out over the long break but I am planning to keep going as I find they are a great start to the day. 10 minutes is very manageable each day as is the aim to do them 3 to 5 times a week.

Jane – Market Harborough

Does what it says 10 Minutes!!!
An hour class is great but sometimes in between classes it is too easy to put off especially over the summer break. Having your instructor in your home showing you a flowing routine with the correct technique all in 10 minutes is fantastic. Best of all you can verbally say what you think (for me Shoulder Bridge) and she just smiles at you and even congratulates you at the end !!

Steve – Rothwell

Really feeling the benefit to my overall health and wellbeing, by doing 10 minutes of Pilates at home 4-5 times a week. In fact using the online Pilates sessions is so convenient, that I often find I do a couple of sessions at a time, leaving me feeling both mentally and physically stronger.

Julie – Market Harborough