Do you love Pilates, but you struggle to attend classes consistently?

  • Are you at home with young children and struggle to get out to your Pilates class as often as you’d like or at all?
  • Does your work involve frequent travel preventing you from committing to regular classes?
  • Have you been advised to do Pilates for health reasons, but the thought of a group class makes you feel uncomfortable?

10 minute Pilates is easier to do than I thought and I’m doing it more often than I thought I would

Online Classes V2 - Studio 44 Pilates

The 10-minute Pilates membership is for you if:

  • Can’t make a regular Pilates class anymore but can find 10 minutes to do it at home

  • Want to add extra practice into your week

  • Have a lower back problem or injury and have been advised you need to do Pilates

  • Have been advised that you need to add stretching into your weekly routine and / or that you need to strengthen your core

Doing Pilates for 10 minutes a day (or 3-5 times a week) will help:

  • To strengthen your core

  • Protect and strengthen your back

  • Keep you mobile and flexible as you grow older

  • Reduce your risk of recurring injuries

The 10-minute Membership gives you:

  • Access to over 100, ten-minute Pilates videos
  • Monthly workout calendar
  • New members starter workouts
  • Access to the Beginners Pilates course
  • Monthly Live Q&A and Pilates class
  • Bi weekly healthy / seasonal recipes
  • Members only Facebook Community
  • Weekly Facebook lives
  • Interactive members corner
Online Classes V2 - Studio 44 Pilates

About Louise

I’m Louise and I’ve been teaching Pilates in my local area for 18 years.

As a busy mum and business owner I know how hard it is to fit Pilates into your day.

In my experience as a Pilates Instructor I have noticed that people want to practice regularly but lose interest after a few sessions at home. Here are some of reasons why people fail:

  • Repeating the same routines
  • Focusing on their favourite exercises only
  • Not challenging themselves enough
  • Getting bored
  • Not seeing any changes in their bodies

So, my 10-minute Pilates membership evolved. By keeping all the videos to just 10-minute it’s less daunting and you can fit them into your day whether you’re at home or away.

By joining the membership, you take away the pain of endlessly searching the internet for the right video for you. There are over 100 videos. All just 10 minutes long and suitable for all abilities.

Select a video that’s suits you on the day or follow the monthly calendar for daily suggestions. Giving you variety and challenge each time you do your Pilates workout at home.

I teach all the videos; this lets you get used to my approach and style. Some members even say that they feel I am talking directly to them!

I like to work with you in a safe manner but make it fun too.

Come and join me on the mat and let’s bring Pilates back into your day.

Taster Video


The membership is just £10 per month giving you access to over 100, 10-minute Pilates videos and much more

Yes, it is, your payment doesn’t start until the 8th day. If you decide the 10-minute Pilates membership isn’t for you in that time you can cancel and no payment will be taken.

You don’t need a PayPal account to join the membership, this is just the means of collecting your monthly membership, you can use a credit or debit card to set up your membership.

You can cancel whenever you want, just by heading into your account and selecting the cancel button. There are no penalties.

Yes, we have a beginner’s course within the membership which takes you slowly through the technique and then goes through each of the exercises at a basic level and builds them up slowly. You can take a long as you want to do this section. Plus, we have a member only Facebook community where you can ask questions so you are never alone.

All you need is a mat and your phone / iPad / laptop / smart TV so you can watch the videos. We do use some small equipment like bands, mini balls and weighted balls. If you want to purchase these, they aren’t expensive and guidance can be given on where to purchase them from, but they aren’t essential. All of the videos can be done without them.