The Pilates Space - Studio 44 Pilates
The Pilates Space - Studio 44 Pilates

Do you struggle to attend a regular Pilates class?

Need something that is flexible and easy to fit into your life?

Time is the biggest reason that people give up Pilates, unable to attend regular weekly Pilates sessions due to work and family commitments. The Pilates Space offers a 10-minute Online Pilates membership or the Pilates Plus membership with LIVE 30 minute Zoom Classes and more.

It does what it says on the tin! All the Pilates videos are just 10 minutes long, making it totally achievable and easy to slot into everyday life.

Doing Pilates daily will help keep you mobile, flexible and strong.

It doesn’t matter what level you are, from Beginners to Advanced, there’s something in the membership for you.

Home Pilates

The Pilates Space is for you if you want to get your Pilates mojo back, add extra Pilates practice into your week or if it’s something you’ve been meaning to do but never found the time!

Don’t think Pilates online is for you?

Worried about doing online Pilates
I just don’t have the time
I need accountability
What if I am doing it wrong? I like the class environment

We can help you overcome these with our Pilates Plus membership. Check out how below

A new member recently said “I’m so glad I found you, I do my 10 minutes every morning and carry on my day with a spring in my step

The Pilates Space - Studio 44 Pilates

We have two levels of membership depending on you…

The Pilates Space - Studio 44 Pilates

There are over 150, 10-minute Pilates videos in the online library with more added regularly, BUT you don’t need to scroll through them all or head to your favourite each time. With the daily workout calendar all you need to do is log in and head to todays 10-minute session. Job done and you’re ready to get on with your day…

The Pilates Space - Studio 44 Pilates

If you feel you need more help then maybe Pilates Plus is for you. Pilates Plus offers more accountability, with LIVE 10 and 30-minute Zoom sessions every week, where you get instant feedback on your technique in a class environment. Plus you’re meeting other members and become part of an active community who meet online regularly for classes. And you have the bonus of our monthly guest speakers – so you have access to a wide range of additional classes – from flower arranging to journaling, nutrition and mindfulness.

Pilates Plus is not just about Pilates but a complete wellness package with opportunities to hear from speakers promoting ways to look after body and mind as well as encouraging you to try out new ideas.
The Pilates Plus membership also includes a twice-yearly Online Retreat from Pilates & Healthy Lifestyle.

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I was drawn to an online class because I could do this at home, and wanted something short, but effective to weave into my daily weekday routine. And I found it. It’s easy to follow, and I felt able to perfect the technique to my level, whilst knowing there was room for further progression as my ability improved. As a busy working mum, it’s good to have something for yourself that you can fit in. It feeds the soul as well as my mobility. It’s the small changes that add up, and I seem to creak less now 🙂

Sue Stimpson, Ware Herts

The Pilates Space - Studio 44 Pilates

Louise’s Studio 44 has been a great solution for me. Working from home in an unpredictable job meant I was looking for something ultra-flexible, affordable and easy to slot into my life. Ten minutes at 7am is the perfect start to my day but when I can’t fit even that in – there’s a bank of pre-recorded videos to choose from. The lives enable personalised, in-the-moment feedback and, coupled with the Facebook group, you really feel you’re a part of a little community. Pilates in your pjs is totally acceptable and Louise is funny and light – but she really knows her stuff. Being able to keep flexible and get the day off to the right start has never felt more achievable.

Samantha Boffin

The Pilates Space - Studio 44 Pilates

Before, I’d tried Pilates classes because I knew the benefits of it but I was always so rubbish at it, and felt self-conscious because of my poor co-ordination and balance. I also found the classes a bit long and boring.
What I liked about the online lessons with Louise is that they are only ten minutes so you can do as much or as little as you like – I mostly did two sessions at a time. The videos are clearly explained and easy to follow and I loved having the group calls with Louise where she checked I was doing the positions right.

Thank you, Louise, for showing me I can do Pilates!

Louise is a fantastic instructor, patient, friendly and fun and really goes above and beyond to make sure you get the best from the programme.
I also found some niggling injuries I have had for years were helped by the sessions. If you’re considering this, maybe you’ve tried Pilates and felt rubbish at it and silly like I did, then absolutely give it a go.

Rachel Spencer

Rachel Spencer


The membership is just £10 per month giving you access to over 100, 10-minute Pilates videos and much more.

Yes, it is, your payment doesn’t start until the 8th day. If you decide the 10-minute Pilates membership isn’t for you in that time you can cancel and no payment will be taken.

You don’t need a PayPal account to join the membership, this is just the means of collecting your monthly membership, you can use a credit or debit card to set up your membership.

You can cancel whenever you want, just by heading into your account and selecting the cancel button. There are no penalties.

Yes, we have a beginner’s course within the membership which takes you slowly through the technique and then goes through each of the exercises at a basic level and builds them up slowly. You can take a long as you want to do this section. Plus, we have a member only Facebook community where you can ask questions so you are never alone.

All you need is a mat and your phone / iPad / laptop / smart TV so you can watch the videos. We do use some small equipment like bands, mini balls and weighted balls. If you want to purchase these, they aren’t expensive and guidance can be given on where to purchase them from, but they aren’t essential. All of the videos can be done without them.

The Pilates Space - Studio 44 Pilates

It doesn’t matter what level you are, from Beginners to Advanced, there’s something in the membership for you.

The Pilates Space - Studio 44 Pilates

About Louise

I’m Louise and I’ve been teaching Pilates in my local area for 18 years.
As a busy mum and business owner I know how hard it is to fit Pilates into your day.

In my experience as a Pilates Instructor I have noticed that people want to practice regularly but lose interest after a few sessions at home. Here are some of reasons why people fail:

  • Repeating the same routines
  • Focusing on their favourite exercises only
  • Not challenging themselves enough
    • Getting bored
    • Not seeing any changes in their bodies

By joining the membership, you take away the pain of endlessly searching the internet for the right video for you. There are over 100 videos. All just 10 minutes long and suitable for all abilities.

Select a video that’s suits you on the day or follow the monthly calendar for daily suggestions. Giving you variety and challenge each time you do your Pilates workout at home.
I teach all the videos; this lets you get used to my approach and style. Some members even say that they feel I am talking directly to them!

I like to work with you in a safe manner but make it fun too.
Come and join me on the mat and let’s bring Pilates back into your day.