Louise Humphrey

I’m Louise,

Wife to a cycling obsessed businessman, mum to a nearly teenage son who wants to be an inventor and an adorable yellow Labrador, who follows me everywhere.

Being an older mum keeps me young & active with all the running around a family & work demands!

I’m known by my clients and friends as “my Pilates teacher” and I can be found most days sporting the latest Sweaty Betty Kit (obsessed but it is so comfortable!) taking classes in my local village halls or one to one’s in my home studio.

I love teaching Pilates as I strongly believe that regular movement is the way for a healthier lifestyle to continue doing the things we love to do. I love it when clients “get” Pilates and feel the benefits.

I’m lucky I have been teaching Pilates since 2000, my teaching style has changed over the years but it’s good to evolve and keep classes fresh! Clients keep coming back year after year and I’ve seen them through all sorts of life changing events, marriage, starting families, retiring, travelling, it’s not only a Pilates journey we go on, some become good friends.

So when I’m not working what do I do?

Practise Pilates – 10 or 20 minutes a day!

Run with the dog (a great way to exercise her and me as well!!)

The school run.

Weekends are spent towing a boat to different sailing clubs and then watching my son sail.

I love to cook and family meal times are so precious and a great way for us all to catch up

Favourite food – seafood
Spending holidays in Cornwall.

So now is your chance to join me on my mission to keep moving every day. I’d love to hear from you, or just try our 10 minute Pilates practise videos. Looking forward to seeing how you are getting on?

registered reps exercise professional