Does running give you desperately needed alone time? Just you, the road in front, and your thoughts. Or perhaps running is an essential socialising time for you?

The freedom of heading out the door and running for as long as you want, whether it’s around the block and back or an ultra-marathon. It’s become a routine that you don’t have to think about. You put your kit on, pull on your trainers and you’re off!

No work. No responsibilities. No one else’s agenda.

But have you noticed those running niggles aren’t going away? Or perhaps you’ve even picked up a running injury or two that meant you couldn’t run for a while? And you hate it! You need your running time. You need to be able to run with no niggles.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that, while you are trying your best to stay fit and healthy, your body is not happy.

That the aches and pains won’t go away on their own.

That your body is craving to be supported if you want to carry on running.

The good news is, strength-training can help you give your body the support it needs to maintain your running habit.

But you knew that already, didn’t you!

So why aren’t you doing it?

Let me guess… lack of time? You can’t possibly find time for another fitness activity!

I meet so many runners like you who want to build strength training into their routine so they can enjoy their running, pain-free. But they don’t know how to fit it into their day

That’s why I have created the No Niggles Running with Pilates Course

How does it work?

During the No Niggles running course you will:

  • Find that precious 10 minutes to dedicate to YOU in your week
  • Kickstart a core-strengthening habit that your beautiful body has been crying out for.
  • Practice the basic Pilates moves that, if repeated regularly, will help you eliminate those niggles and avoid freedom-stealing injuries in the future.
  • It’s like having a Personal trainer in your own house .

If you’re thinking, ‘No I can’t!’ then it’s time to make strength training a habit, just like you have done with running. And it’ll feel just as good, if not better!

Hi I’m Louise

I’m a Pilates Institute Instructor and running enthusiast. I’m 57 still running when I want to for as long as I want. Something I put down to my regular Pilates practice! l’ve also passed the APPI Pilates for Runners Course and the American College of Sports medicine qualification, Oh and I’m also a Canicross Instructor

No Niggles running with Pilates - Studio 44 Pilates

Learn to fit it in

My clients have very hectic lives but still they manage to fit in their Pilates habit to support their running body.

So, what’s made the difference for them?

It’s deciding that enough is enough. ‘I will make supporting my body a priority!’

My ethos is little and often. I’m talking just 10 minutes daily or three to five times a week. It’s much better than a weekly one-hour mega sesh!

Georgina a Pilates for Runners members had this to say:

“Pilates for runners with Louise helps me to stay strong for running and keep at bay some grumbling back pain niggles. I really notice when I don’t do it. Louise makes it fun and easy to do in a relaxed environment!”


You don’t need to be afraid of getting older. You can build a body strong enough to keep you running for decades.

What Next?

Once you have purchased the No Niggles running with Pilates course you will receive access to 12, 10 minutes videos.

It’s time to prioritise your body, niggles don’t go away when left, and might just turn into that injury you have been dreading.

Answering your body’s call for help. This is what true self-care looks like!

You’ll have started your strength-training and be ready to give your body the care it needs to power your runs.

No Niggles running with Pilates - Studio 44 Pilates

Who’s this is for?

  • Your 40+ and know you need to support your body more for running
  • You run 2 or more times per week
  • You haven’t got a regular strength training habit yet
  • You used to do Pilates or Yoga but have fallen out of the habit

Who this isn’t for?

  • You run infrequently
  • You’re not interested in supporting your body with Pilates-based strength training
  • You’ve been doing regular strength training for years and don’t want to do Pilates

Not having enough time in your day is not a good enough excuse for not doing this!

On your marks

All you have to do is click on the button below to buy the course.
I’ll guide you through the rest.
Start now and start your journey towards feel-good, non-achiness:


Whether you’re working up to your first 5K or training for your 10th Ultra, this will help you.

You will always have lifetime access to the Pilates for runners videos

Ok, I believe that you believe that. But when someone tells me they don’t even have 10 minutes to spare for themselves per day, it says to me that they’re prioritising everything else over their physical and mental health. It’s so common for women to put themselves at the bottom of the list. Forget about baths and scented candles- this is what self-care looks like! You know you need to support your body more as it ages. By buying the course you are committing to you and your body.