How can I become more flexible?

How can I become more flexible?  As most mornings I wake up wander to the bathroom feeling like the Tin Man from the Wizard of OZ!  My legs feel like wood and my ankles don’t appear to move! Does this sound familiar? How can we improve our flexibility? First of all we need to understand…

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How to keep your exercise routine going through the cold weather!

It’s cold outside and the last thing you feel like doing is putting on your exercise kit and keeping your exercise routine going! Even if you don’t feel like it don’t give up, maybe this is the time to try something different that compliments your regular training? What’s your normal training Routine? Running If conditions…

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Pilates practise at home.

Pilates practise at home always seems a great idea as you leave your Pilates class after a great session, but how many people actually do it, even with good intentions! Exercising at home is not for everyone, it’s hard to motivate yourself, find the time and sometimes the space.  Most of the time these are…

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what to wear to pilates

What should I wear to my Pilates class?

It can be daunting going to your first Pilates class and knowing what to wear is even worse! So what should you wear to your Pilates class, does it need to be expensive Fitness clothing? I have been teaching Pilates for a 17 years and fashions have changed in that time! What to wear? Fitness clothing…

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Finding the right Pilates class for you!

Finding the right Pilates class for you can be a minefield! There are so many different variations of Pilates classes.  It’s important to know what you are really signing up for and making sure it’s right for you. A friend of mine who doesn’t live near me recently asked me for advise about attending a…

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Healthy Pancakes!

  It’s pancake day! Or Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday is the always the day before Ash Wednesday, which heralds the start of Lent. It is thought to have started from the tradition of using up rich foods such as eggs, butter and milk, in preparation for the fasting period of Lent. The word Shrove is…

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London marathon training

Running the London Marathon- How strong is your core?

Running the London Marathon this year – how strong is your core?  Increasing the mileage but finding you’re more tired with more aches and pains? Are you cross training?  Then why not try Pilates as part of your training. So why should you do Pilates as part of your Marathon training? Running is a very repetitive movement which can…

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Peanut butter day

It’s Peanut Butter Day!

So today is Peanut Butter Day. Hoorah! Peanut Butter has had a bad rap over the last few years – thought of as something to be avoided, perhaps as nice but naughty. Something to be wary of because of the fat and calorie content. I see lots of people who think it’s fine to slaver…

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Pilates class any age

Does going to a Pilates Class fill you with fear?

Have you been told that you need to do a Pilates class but it fills you with fear? You’ve never done classes before and everyone is going to be a lot better than you? The thought of walking into the class and everyone looking at you is your worst nightmare! It’s normal to have fears…

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pilates any age

Why you should do Pilates!

Why you should do Pilates.  Pilates can be started at any age by anyone, men and women. Most people start doing pilates after an injury or advice from a physiotherapist. Why wait till then?  Getting started before you are injured means you can carry on living your life to the full without any interruptions!  So…

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New year New you

New Year, New You – How to make a difference!

New Year, New You!  Hope the head’s not too sore! So it’s January, a new beginning and a time to reflect and look forward.  Did you make Pilates / fitness goals last year? So what’s going to make a difference this year different from last year? We all have an idea of our goals, whether…

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Studio 44 Pilates Top 5 Online Pilates practise vidoes for 2017

  We might have only been live online for 6 months.  But we have 30, 10 minute pilates videos online.  Different levels from a new beginners course, mixed ability, intermediate and advanced sessions.  But it’s not all about the level.  I always describe Pilates as a circle – you need to exercise your heart (cardio) …

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5 Top Tips to do Pilates at home.

  Five Top tips to do pilates at home!  Life can get stressful at times throughout the year, Christmas, school holidays and work!  What’s the first thing that gets left behind when this happens? Usually your exercise routine and your time! We all know that doing regularly exercise helps to reduce the risk of heart…

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Christmas gift guide for Pilates small equipment

It’s that’s time of year again, Christmas!  So what do you get for the person who loves pilates? Well this Christmas guide will  give you some ideas to some of the small equipment that we use in a Pilates Mat work class.  All of the equipment is portable and not expensive. So which bit of equipment…

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What to eat before or after your pilates workout

Pilates Classes tend to be in the evenings to fit in with peoples working lives. But people still struggle, getting home from work, school or all the evenings clubs that our kids go to!! So getting to class and eating before you do can be a challenge. My clients find they don’t eat till after…

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Reasons People don’t exercise!

What is exercise? Exercise – activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness. “exercise improves your heart and lung power” synonyms: physical activity, movement, exertion, effort, work; We know the benefits of exercise, don’t we? With so much in the media and the brilliant “how to stay young “documentary on…

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andrew Tom cyling

Not the Tour De France!

A family cycle What is the phone call that you dread the most……but you hopefully never receive? Yes the one telling you someone in your family has had a bad accident! Having only dealt with major accidents at work I never gave it a second thought how I’d react! Well this summer, on a Thursday…

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Do one thing every day that scares you!

Have you ever had an idea but talked yourself out if it? Sometimes it just keeps coming back at you in different guises! For the last 16 years I have built up my Pilates business teaching classes around my local area! Teaching classes to try to fit in with when people have their free time,…

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