No, please do not just turn up to a class as it might not be the right one for you. You also won’t be able to tell if Pilates will benefit you from just one class, as there are so many different elements that you need to learn.  Taking part in a beginners course of 6 weeks will give you a much better idea about Pilates.  Please get in touch via the Contact Me! page giving your contact details and any experience you may already have and we’ll let you know the availability of a suitable class.

Classes run as part of a course. These are usually 6/7 weeks (depending on school term time) and are paid for in advance. Each individual class lasts for one hour.

We all lead busy lives and sometimes we just can’t get to our class. We run several classes a week so if you can let us know in advance you can simply come and join in another class (subject to availability).  This can be done at any time during your course so you won’t fall behind.

You will need to wear comfortable clothing e.g. tracksuit and T shirt.  Shoes are NOT worn during classes.

Mats are provided but please feel free to bring your own.

If you are worried about starting any form of exercise because you’ve not done any for a while then ask the advice of your doctor.  The exercises we do are gentle to start with and you work at your own level within the class.  Our focus is on technique.  We have many clients of different ages.

New Beginners classes  at Fleckney.  Contact Me! for more information.

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